What's your digital workflow?

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What's your digital workflow?

Postby amatteroflight » Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:08 pm

I am curious to know how you handle the processing of your images. Me, simple.

1 - Open DPP, Canon's own RAW reader and delete all photos that are soft, cut off (unless there's something special about it), unrecoverable in the conversion process - basically I go for the big cull
2 - Open Photoshop and use ACR (Adobe Raw Converter) as the first step in processing, I may slightly adjust exposure, recovery slider, color temp, blacks, vibrance, saturation, presence, then on another tab, curves, then on the next tab, I sharpen a little after zooming in to 100% view, then apply noise filter if needed
3 - I do all my Photoshop adjustments in layers, that way they are not changing the original converted Tiff file
4 - I adjust levels, curves, saturation and selective colors all on their own adjustment layer
5 - If I want to clone or do some patching, I copy the background layer. If I want to work on more than one area, I copy the BG for each area, especially if major digital surgery is required (most often NOT the case), then work each new layer separately and delete if I mess up bad. Though it is always better to get it as close to "right" as possible, in camera.
6 - I add my data to the EXIF and save the TIFF file in layers so all are adjustable later, quite easily too
7 - then I use an action to convert from 16-bit to 8-bit, resize for web, and merge all layers into one
8 - I zoom into 100% view and usually apply a smart sharpen filter at 0.1 pixels, 120%
9 - Then I add my signature as another layer with an action of course.
10 -Voila! Done. It's easy once you get into the hang of it.

I do also occasionally use Lightroom and its controls are laid out similarly to ACR.

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Re: What's your digital workflow?

Postby avkomp » Wed Dec 09, 2009 11:55 pm

I usually upload my pix from the cf card
then I use breeze browser to rename batch rename the pix to what they are.
anything soft or otherwise wrong with it gets whacked (unless a special pic in some other way)

I use nikon capture to convert the images I am interested in, as it reads nikon picture controls and overall converts raw files best.
any exposure issues would be corrected here if required. if any cropping is needed I usually do so here also.

finally I open photoshop for finishing off.
here cloning etc would take place,
dodging and burning etc

finally an action that resizes the pix to 1024 or 800 on the longest side
the frame, convert to srgb and sharpening (which I still dont have a full handle on)

Luckily I only take a couple of pix here and there.............
D3, D2x

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